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About Me

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When I was five years old my Mum taught me to knit. I loved it from the first stitch. Throughout the years I have knitted many scarves, hats, jumpers, soft toys, blankets and more and continue to enjoy this most rewarding and relaxing craft.

I taught my daughter to knit when she was very young. She has shared with me her own creative and Waldorf Steiner inspired ideas.

As you will see from my items my main emphasis is on simple, I find the art of plain knitting very rewarding as each stitch is formed, by hand, with the winding of yarn thereby creating loops which become the weaved product of knitting. Different yarns with their varying textures and colours are enough to transform simple garter stitch into something beautiful.

From a very young age I have had an extreme love of animals and enjoy combining this with my passion for knitting.

I began knitting Creatures in 2009.

I am vegan and recently made a complete change to the yarns I use when knitting my animals – Creatures (and my slowly increasing other items) are now entirely vegan; no more wool, I am also careful purchasing my yarns to ensure environmental and wildlife health and happiness.

I live in the village of Harbury in Warwickshire and have a husband, a daughter, three sons, three grandsons, a granddaughter and two guinea pigs.